This Is Not The End! (Reflection)

I have learned through the capstone process that I tend to learn more from videos where I can hear them speaking about the subject and therefore teaching me what is happening. I learned that when reading I tend to get unfocused and that I have to read it multiple times. I also found out that once I learn something, I should probably write it down; otherwise I’ll forget it and that would be quite troubling. I have gained the knowledge of the workings behind the brain, I know now that procrastination is not very good and that I’m a slow worker, usually because I like to make things perfect and when I rush I make a lot of mistakes. So I will use this information for when I am working on bigger projects next year for school and for college and even in whatever working field I go into. Through the capstone I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I love villains, though to be honest I think I already knew that. I love that the villains can be themselves even when the whole world is against them. I learned that I tend to daydream about things I want to do and then I just never do them, which to be honest is very disappointing. In an overall reflection of my capstone project, I really want to progress in this research and not just stop because of the school year being done.