Who are the Top Ten Villains? Disney Edition

I originally planned to do a Top Ten Marvel Villains list but then I thought hey, you all probably have a good idea and different opinions, probably way different than mine. So I searched it, but all the lists I found had missed the big crucial villains. Well then I saw a list that is all about the top ten Disney villains! And me, myself, and I just happens to adore these villains. They are the perfect mixture of evil and they are all so different. I won’t stray too far from my proposal but these villains deserve a spot on my blog.

10) Claude Frollo, from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. He fits perfectly for number ten, because during the movie we see the struggle of his thoughts between selfish, lust crazed ideas and doing the “right” thing. (Right being racist and wiping out all the Gypsies and tends to have genocidal plans for anything that defies him)

9) Hades, from Hercules. Now personally I just love this god, but in the end I suppose he is a villain due to the fact that he tries to kill Hercules for selfish reasons such as, taking over Olympus.

8) Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast. I can only nod and agree to this one, not only because Gaston is a big jerk, but personally because he is a egotistical ass and doesn’t care about Belle’s opinion. Pshh, girls obviously deserve to be more than his object. Number one reason he fits is because attempts to kill the Beast out of a jealous rage that a beast stole Belle right from him.

7) Queen Grimhilde (aka. the Evil Queen), from Snow White. If you haven’t seen Snow White then you haven’t seen this lady in action. When an enchanted mirror tells her that she is not the “fairest of them all”, she sets out for death on the girl who had outed her in looks. Ergo, Snow White is hunted down by all including the Queen disguised as an old hag. Personally I think that the Old Hag is what the Queen looked like on the inside.

6) Jafar, from Aladdin. Now this guy is just a creep. First he decides to try and find the Genie so that he can become Sultan, when this plan fails he becomes betrothed to Jasmine, a princess less than half his age. Let’s just say he deserves what he gets.

5) Lady Tremaine (aka. Evil Stepmother), from Cinderella. The Evil Stepmother really is a wretched person, not only does she sic her kids on Cinderella after everything Cinderella has done for them after her father died, but then proceeded to lock her up in the attic so that she couldn’t meet the Prince.

4) Chernabog, from Fantasia. Personally I have never seen this movie so I honestly can’t give my opinion like the rest.

3) Ursula, from The Little Mermaid. Ursula probably could be moved down further, but compared to the rest of the Villains of Disney, she really is quite the evil thing. Tricking Ariel for her voice just to gain for her own selfish reasons, which are to take over and be the “King” of the Sea.

2) Cruella de Vil, from 101 Dalmatians. This women is by far the most fowl if you are animal lover such as myself. Cruella doesn’t car where she gets her fur coats as long as she is looking fabulous in society. So it’s only “right” that the she takes 101 baby dalmatians for her coats. She isn’t very smart, but she is impulsive, and that’s just as dangerous.

1) Scar, from The Lion King. First place is really fitting for Scar. Not only does he tear out Simba’s heart, but lies to Simba about his fathers death, telling Simba that it was his fault and that he should run, for if the other animals hear about this he’s be killed. The point of all these lies? To be King of Pride Rock. Wow. Seem familiar?

It should, because most of the Disney villains portray a sin, selfishness and it happens especially when it comes to harming others while doing these selfish deeds. Most of these villains are not only selfish but they also are very clever and know exactly what they are doing.