One reason I really wished that I didn’t start this project until next fall, because next fall a new series produced from FOX is going to show the lives of young villains and heroes of Gotham; hence why the title of this new series is going to be called Gotham. So far from the one trailer I have seen and an analysis of the same trailer by some other youtuber, I can say that this show will be epic! Not just because we get to see some background on the villains but because we get to see how they interact before they were enemies! This show seems to look as though it is going to mainly focus on young Bruce Wayne getting to know the “to-be villains” and how he may or may not befriend him. The reason that this would be so perfect for my own blog is because we can get a closer look into the background of both villain and hero. In the end though, we have to focus on whether or not this show will either focus on the tragedies or portray them in a darker shade and really give them no excuse for why they become who we know them as.

What Makes People Go Wrong? (Part Two)

Right in the beginning of the Ted Talk, Philip Zimbardo talks about how there really is no fixed line between good and evil; that there is always good and evil in all of us. The line between good and evil is permeable, good people can be swayed and seduced across the line and bad people can be pushed and counselled into doing the right things. Most people like to believe that the line begins with them on the good side and everyone else on the other side. This is the last point that I’d like to talk about. In my proposal I stated that in the end it all relies on perspective to decide who is evil and who is not, so why is it that these heroes are put into a good light; when in the end the word hero is just a title placed on them.  Most people believe they are doing the right thing, sometimes they know what they’re doing is not really what they would like to do, but they still push through and do it. My favorite lesson I learned from Mr. Zimbardo is that heroes aren’t usually in capes and have superpower, and that villains aren’t always stronger than the average person; but that we all have the potential to be a hero and there will be a time when we have a situation that will provide us with a choice. This situation has the power to do three things:

  • The very same situation that can inflame the Hostile Imagination in those who become perpetrators of evil.
  • Can also inspire the Heroic Imagination in others of us.
  • Or render most people passive bystanders and then be guilty of The Evil of Inaction.

So really in the end the right situation and perspective is also a part of what makes us into who we become.