The Freudian Excuse

When a villain’s is given depth, this is called Freudian Excuse. As mentioned in my proposal, the superego is what generally controls where the morals someone has gained is placed and how they are used. The Freudian Excuse is the work of Sigmund Freud, he was known for a lot of the psychoanalysis research we stem off of now. Freud discovered in a certain part of his research that there are three different sections that play a part in how we view things. The three that he found are Id, ego and superego. What he found is that the superego is the ‘moral component of the psyche’, which takes plays into ‘special circumstances’ when the morally right thing may not be right for a given situation. This combined with Id, and ego can cause denial repression, undoing, rationalization, repression, and displacement. The superego is the moral part of us that develops when the morals and ethical restraints put onto us by our parents/guardians. The superego is used when a villain’s background is traumatic. When the Freudian Excuse is put into play the villains become excused.Image