So recently I watched the new movie Maleficent, I went into the movie theatre not even realizing that the movie was going to showcase Maleficent’s past. So you can imagine my surprise when I walked out of the movie and had to blog about this relating to my research! So if you haven’t watched Maleficent, I’d suggest you stop reading because this will have spoilers! In Maleficent we find that she was already “abnormal” to begin with, what with being larger than most and having large wings. Towards the beginning of the movie we find that she meets a human boy who ventures into The Moors, throughout the movie they show how these two end up falling in love, only to find that the now young man goes to the kingdom of Humans and gets involved with selfish things. Now I won’t tell all the secrets of the movie but in the middle of the movie this young man, Stefan, ends up becoming King of Humans by doing a most horrendous act towards Maleficent. This is the point where my research comes into play. The Freudian Excuse becomes prominent in the movie when her past becomes tragic, this past then makes her go crazy and then the original story begins, Maleficent goes to the Christening of the Baby Aurora and curses her out of revenge for King Stefan’s evil deeds towards her. Now I won’t go further, but can you see why I am so excited for this movie and it fitting into my research?

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