When I read the poem Alone, written by Edgar Allen Poe, I found a connection to what I have been trying to get at in my research. In the poem I believe that the narrator is explaining his childhood and how it affected him growing up. I picked that even from an early age the narrator saw the things around him differently. Even though his views stemmed off of the same place everyone else had. The narrator cared about different things than what the others normally care about, thus making him abnormal. In the poem, I found that he hints at a troubling childhood, it was as if he didn’t feel the same joy out the same things others did. Towards the end of them poem we get a glimpse at what he does between his childhood and where he is in the end. I believe that he is trying to search for something to answer the mystery as to why he is so different, and then only finds nothing and that time seemed to have flown by. In the very last few sentences, the narrator realizes that his childhood is film over his eyes and that he can’t escape it.

Overall I think that this poem explains what I have been trying to get at, that the past can change how a  person believes things. The past is a power thing, because honestly it takes step by step to grow from it and learn the mistakes you made.

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