I have found that when a person sticks to their morals, they tend to lead a better life. Usually when someone firmly believes in what they do, they don’t worry about whether or not what they’re doing is the right thing and they don’t have guilt coursing through them. When you are raised, you are either unknowingly or knowingly being given a set of morals from your parents, guardians, friends, family, or culture. These morals are then edited by yourself and you begin to have a picture of what is right and wrong. When someone goes against these morals they have gone by, they can feel guilty and also become bitter and hardened against these situations; once they are hardened and used to the feeling of being guilty to the point it’s normal, they will repeat the previous actions to cause the guilt in the first place. These actions can range from drinking all the way to the sinister deeds we see in crime shows. This is how average people can be deemed a criminal/villain not just to the public, but to themselves as well.

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