Which Villain are You?

Which Villain are You?

As I was trying to write up my about page, I got distracted and found a quiz that lets you know what villain you are closest to. My results were as follows:

71% Joker

70% Dark Phoenix

70% Riddler

69% Dr. Doom

68% Two-Face

I think this is interesting, seeing as in my theory to villains and how they become who they are, I refer to the Joker and how he became who he is. He starts off as a thug, helping around with the criminals to get some money so that he can support his pregnant wife. During his escapades he runs into Batman and then the chase is on. As the Joker runs, he leaps into a chemical vat. The chemicals disfigures him and this combined with his wife and unborn child’s previous death, he goes insane. This is why I use him as an example because his background not only causes what he does, but it starts the rest of his life into the villain life. So in the end is he really so bad? Honestly, think about it.

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