The Art Of Being A Villain

To be a villain, what does that mean? How does one gain the status and title of a villain? In many examples V.C. Andrews shows that villains or just in general “bad people” are not as black and white as the title makes it seems. Andrew proves the theory that Sigmund Freud presents, that a traumatic background or past event creates a perfect, excusable villain. Andrews portrays her villains usually through parents who have lost someone who was significant in their lives, or they had horrible pasts. These parents tend to treat their kid in a horrid way or else the villain role is switched to the kid(s). In the book, My Sweet Audrina, written by V.C. Andrews, the father is the first and only villain so far, he locks his second daughter, Audrina, into her dead older sisters room, where all of the sister’s clothes and toys are still being held. Audrina knows that her father is attempting to make her into the same person her sister was, to make her into the “‘first” Audrina.

Villains are not always super powerful or ominous, they sometimes are just ordinary humans with the ability to do bad.